Welcome to the corporate website of EnviroTech Foundation (ETF).

Water is so much a part of our daily lives that most people take it for granted – until it falls short of their needs. Soon after the severe water restriction of 4 hours every 4 days in 1963 to 1964, we have been depending more and more on the Dongjiang River for some 70 per cent of our water demand. All commercial activities and exploitation of the Dongjiang River Basin have a significant impact on the wellbeing of some 7 million people of Hong Kong.

Overseeing the development of Hong Kong water supply systems in the past 4 decades, I believe deeply that proper natural resources management empowered by progressive technological inventions are paramount for competitive, sustainable developments in Hong Kong. With full support from my friend and colleague, Prof Jao Tsung-I, the EnviroTech Foundation was founded not only to help safeguarding the Dongjiang Source Region from water degradation, but also to empower sustainable economic developments by serving as a platform to share latest environmental technologies.

Environmental Technologies Foundation is a non profit organisation, motivated by the passion and energy of our corporate partners. We look forward to working with you to bring new perspectives and partnership, and very much welcome your suggestions on our services.

Ir Dr Prof William CG Ko, SBS
Founding President
Environmental Technologies Foundation Ltd.