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Peking University 21st Century State of Art Low Carbon Building Landmark Project pdf format

The importance of sustainable development and environmental issues are increasingly recognized in China, as is the increasing role of China in global sustainability. Since the country has developed to become the second largest global economic power house, China has come under increasing pressure from environmental degradation. In response, the “Hu-Wen” leadership has demonstrated a clear commitment to address these concerns and cooperate with the international community to build a sustainable future both for China and the world. Hence Peking University (PKU), as the universally acknowledged institution of advanced educations for high profile leadership development in China, is prepared to invest its resources to build a Green College to develop the required expertise and solutions in environmental and sustainable development.

It is the decision of PKU to design and construct a “Low Carbon Building” for the new premises of the PKU College of Environmental Studies. This new “Low Carbon Building” will provide a unique educational opportunity and living laboratory for students to learn the processes involved in the environmental changes and impacts on the Earth. It will also serve as a national demonstration project for 21st Century world standard, environmental friendly building and learning facility. The project is expected to have its ground breaking ceremony in early 2012, as a major historic construction in the development of the University.

With the support of our Former Presidential Advisor, Prof. Alex Ng, the adjunct professor of the PKU College of Environmental Studies, Environmental Technology Foundation (ETF) is working together with our strategic partner, the Peking University, for the sustainable development in China. In particular, ETF is privileged to be the University’s fund raising coordinator in the Hong Kong SAR for this meaningful project.

Please download the project proposal for details.

2010 Design pdf format