ENhanced SEwage treatment with Micro-algae Bio-fueL Energy (ENSEMBLE), 2014 (in cooperation with ETF and OUHK)

For all the time, great demand of land and sunlight for incubating algae became the limitation of algal technology application. This project brings out the design an algal wastewater treatment system for the scarce land resources with plenty sunlight in Hong Kong.

Fundamentally different from other algae technologies research all over the world, ENSEMBLE is not an independent separate system but an integrated component of current traditional wastewater treatment system, aimed at improving traditional sludge liquor treatment process with better performance on cost-effectiveness, environmental as well as social benefits. Thus, a fundamental and minimum pilot-scale bioreactor is designed, which is based on the fundamental theory of algal biology support with numerous research data derived from both in-door and out-door laboratory experiments.

The success of the project will be a historical breakthrough of algal technology in the world and great glory of Hong Kong. It will not only bring great innovative changes to the industry but also huge sustainable economic benefits.