Clean Water

Hong Kong enjoys one of the safest water supplies in the world. Guangdong province supplies about 80% of Hong Kong's water under mutual agreement. Thus Hong Kong's water supply and quality must be seen as a regional issue.

Hong Kong water supply from the Dongjiang is supposedly guaranteed, even in drought years, by agreement with the Guangdong Provincial Government but given the rising demand for water from population growth, economic development and agriculture, water allocation become increasingly competitive. While the Pearl River is the cleanest major river in China, certain portions are heavily contaminated, further reducing the supply of water that is fit for use.

With proper treatment and stringent quality monitoring and control, Hong Kong is assured of a safe and wholesome water supply which complies with the World Health Organization Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality. However, Hong Kong’s water supply has been ignored for so long because it is plentiful, affordable, and safe. How long this situation continues remains to be seen.

ETF is working hard to retain the unspoiled clean water. Like other major cities in the world, Hong Kong is working diligently to improve its water quality. Our water quality has improved within some parameters in recent years, but it is not enough for a clean bill of health. An expected growth in economic activities, population will put added pressure on water quality.

With the experience and expertise of Dongjiang Shenzhen water supply reconstruction project, ETF is committed to facilitate exchange of successful practices in environmental technologies among professional experts for the betterment of Hong Kong Dongjiang Water environment.

In order to maintain quality drinking water that is clear, odourless, wholesome and free from pathogenic bacteria, ETF promote knowledge communication for the protection and management of water resources in Dongjiang River Basin via researches on environmental technologies applications.

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