Green Building

There are multiple business opportunities in pollution prevention and control technologies for Hong Kong and one of the key area is the green building products and environmentally-friendly building technologies and processes.

In the long run, green buildings improve the quality of living for residents by adopting the use of environmentally-friendly products in building and construction.

ETF aims to implement the concept of green buildings and identify new green products. In order to promote the potential financial profits and social benefits of using recycling materials and energy saving systems, ETF strives to offer expertise of sustainable building and the valuable knowledge of latest building materials and energy resources.

Buildings and their construction make substantial positive contributions to Hong Kong in terms of the economy and society. Green buildings that reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and pollution are essential to long term sustainability. Potential savings from sustainable buildings are significant since they are energy efficient. Green buildings designs should be valued as the vital investment in protecting our environment.

Since buildings consume approximately 37 % of the energy or 68% of the electricity. Saving energy means much more than saving money or operating cost. In Hong Kong, the development and research of green buildings leads to more practical solutions for its sustainable built environment.

ETF realizes that an extensive outreach and information sharing will be indispensable for a long term development for sustainable, quality green buildings, so it offers a platform to meet the needs.

For more information and details about new technology of green buildings, please contact us at (+852) 2111-4771.