Quality Air

More and more business owners realize the urgent need to cleaning up Hong Kong to attract foreign investment and maintain its standing as a regional headquarters base for multi-national corporations. Paralleling the booming economies in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) has been a growing air pollution problem that seriously threatens human health and the region’s economy. ETF identities the need, it helps to facilitate and strengthen partnership programmes with professional associations and the private sector to improve air quality and enhance a competitive business environment.

In the recent years, Hong Kong’s air quality remained to be 30 percent worse than the maximum standard set by the World Health Organization (WHO). It revealed an alarming trend that the air quality in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta has deteriorated rapidly over the past 20 years and far below the international standard.

According to a report (Relative Significance of Local vs. Regional Sources: Hong Kong’s Air Pollution) regional sources are the primary influence on Hong Kong’s air 36 % of time while local sources are the crucial factor of 53% of time. Based on these results, it is clear that reducing emissions of significant air pollutants in Hong Kong and the PRD would have a significant positive impact on local air quality.

Hong Kong is now facing the complex regional air quality problems. Hong Kong has played a major role in creating this economic boom in the PRD with investments and access to ports. Hong Kong and cities in the PRD have benefited- and suffered-from the growth in manufacturing and urbanization in the region. Hong Kong policymakers are considering market mechanisms and cross-boundary relations to alleviate pollution problems.

Air pollution is closely linked to our daily life and everyone should play different role to combat the air pollution problem. At the same time, ETF continues to implement environmental education programmes to promote community involvement in air quality in Hong Kong. Raise awareness in the community for environmental issues, and promote public support for environmental initiatives.

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