Sustainable Energy

Hong Kong – Current Situation

As a small metropolitan city with no indigenous energy resources, Hong Kong has been relying mainly on imported fossil fuels to support its energy needs. Energy consumption has been increasing over the past decades, driven by the growth in the economy.


The energy sector is the largest contributor to Hong Kong’s carbon dioxide emissions, responsible for about 97% of the total carbon dioxide emissions, and most of which comes from electricity generation. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions such as carbon dioxide are largely by-products of burning fossil fuels. Use of cleaner production services and higher energy efficiency will reduce emissions, contributing to a better, cleaner environment.


In May 2005, the Government has set the target of having 1-2% of Hong Kong’s total electricity supply met by Renewable Energy (RE) by 2012. Changing energy demands brings both concerns and opportunities to business, government and community organisations. ETF can help to realize the government’s sustainable energy initiatives through the following services:

  • Review and share the latest developments in renewable energy technologies worldwide through a literature search platform
  • Assess the feasibility and potential for wider application of sustainable energy technologies in an urban setting as alternative energy sources in Hong Kong

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