Waste Management

Hong Kong, like many developed places societies, has seen its wasteloads grow as its economy has grown. In 2016, the per capita disposal rate of municipal solid waste was as high as 1.41 kilograms per day. Especially when people can afford greater convenience and more purchases tend to throw away more rubbish. Among the local waste, some of them are recyclable materials so that a proper waste management can turn the waste into gold through the waste-to-energy incinerator technology and also reducing, reusing and recycling.

The continued growth in municipal solid waste includes waste from households, industry and commercial operations and construction sites means Hong Kong is running out of landfill space far earlier than expected, and the existing landfills will be filled up, one by one, if waste levels continue to increase at current levels.

Facing this challenge, a comprehensive waste management will be essential to reduce the amount of waste. For example, the Government strives for promoting the waste separation for recycling in housing estates. Hong Kong has been making particular progress on waste disposal since 1998, with the introduction of recyclable bins. But there is still a way to go on reducing waste.

In order to maximize local recycling capabilities, ETF offers various supports to you in terms of its expertise and experience, relevant research and technology. We have experience in detailed waste management analysis helping partners to implement opportunities in the areas of waste separation and recycling technology so that they can make their own contribution to solving one of Hong Kong's environmental challenges.

Then recyclable materials become not only economically viable but also profitable in Hong Kong. And the huge business opportunity is foreseeable with the booming recycling industry. So update yourself with the latest information and technology about waste management is necessary for you.

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