Dr. W. K. LO, BBS

Honorary Advisor

Ir Dr the Hon LO Wai Kwok, BBS, MH, JP, is Member of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, representing the Engineering Functional Constituency.

Dr Lo is very active in the community and has served many government organizations, professional bodies and trade associations. He was President of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers in the session 2007/08 and was a Sha Tin District Councilor for many years. He is currently Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency, member of the Building and Tender Committees of the Housing Authority, the Hong Kong Science Park Board of Directors and the Hong Kong Certification and Testing Council.

Dr Lo’s expertise and areas of service cover infrastructure, town planning, environment, housing, technology, industry, education and community service. He has over 30 years of working experience in engineering, industrial management, technology innovation and market development, and has held top management positions in multinational technology groups in the past.

Dr Lo holds an Engineering Doctorate degree of the University of Warwick. He is Guest Professor of the University of Electronic Science & Technology Zhongshan College, Adjunct Professor of the City University of Hong Kong, Industrial Fellow of the University of Warwick, Honorary Fellow and Visiting Professor of the Hong Kong Vocational Training Council, and Honorary Fellow of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Lo was awarded “Ten Outstanding Young Persons” and “Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong” in 1992. He was awarded Medal of Honour (MH) by the Chief Executive of the HKSAR Government in 2001, appointed as a Justice of the Peace (JP) since July 2004, and granted Bronze Bauhinia Star (BBS) award in 2009.

Ms. Junia S. Y. Ho, JP

Honorary Advisor

With exceptional managerial knowledge, Ms. Ho has a unique professional background moving from in-house training role to general management, and then an entrepreneur managing her own group of consulting companies. With her rich experience of in-house Human Resources, Administration and Public Resources Management for over 28 years, she is a training specialist in interpersonal and communication skills, and, personal and corporate image building.

Prior to joining Environmental Technologies Foundation, Ms. Junia Ho assumed managerial roles in a series of international renowned companies such as Toppan Moore (HK) Ltd. and Burson Marsteller (HK) Ltd. in 1989, Ms. Ho found her own company, Relybase Consultants Ltd. In 1991, Ms. Ho attained her Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Santa Barbara, USA. She also attended the certificate programme on Family Therapy and self-studied on Child Education. In 1997, Ms. Ho has also established Relybase Training & Coaching Centre and, at the same time, run some specific training programmes for the working adults and the teenagers.

In addition to her illustrious achievement in management training, Ms. Ho’s community contribution has been extensive through her over 25 years of involvement in the business and charity organisations. She has also been Chairlady of the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection” for four consecutive years.

Over the years, Ms. Ho's community involvement has been extensive. Currently, she is the Council Member of the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (since 1994), Member of Fund–Raising Panel of the Dragon Foundation (since 2002), Member of the Witness Protection Review Board (since 2005) ; and Member of the Standing Committee On Language and Research (SCOLAR) (since 2003). Ms. Ho also contributes herself as Advisors of the following organisations: Aberdeen Kai Fong Welfare Association Management Committee; Hong Kong Women Development Association; Hong Kong Tin Shui Wai Women Association; and Super-Teens Genius Students Circle. In her limited spare time, she also acts as voluntary counselor for the youth and as training instructor for the volunteers of all ages.

In recognition of Ms. Ho’s public contributions, she was awarded the Badge of Honor in 1995, appointed a Justice of the Peace since 1996. Apart from the Hong Kong Government, Ms. Ho has also been awarded the Senatorship (A life membership of Junior Chamber International) since 1982, and Hon Life President of Bauhinia Junior Chamber since 1999.

Prof. K.C. HO, PhD

Honorary Advisor

As a Honorary Advisor, Prof K.C. HO is responsible for leading ETF’s environmental technology ventures with his expert knowledge of environmental management industry.

Prof. K. C. Ho is the former Dean of School of Science & Technology and Programme Leader in Environmental Studies and Applied Sciences of The Open University of Hong Kong and now retired. Academic qualifications included: B.Sc.(Hons) in Biology (Chinese University of HK); M.Sc. in Environmental Resources (Salford University, UK); Ph.D (Dept. of Botany, HKU); M.Ed (OUHK) and Postgraduate Certificate (Educational management) (OUHK).

His present and previous public and professional services include: Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the Quality of Drinking Water, member of the Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE), Deputy Chair of the EIA Sub-committee, member of the Town Planning Appeal Board, member of the Town Planning Appeal Board, member of the Advisory Committee for Red Tides, member of the Appeal Board on Water Pollution Control Ordinance, member of the Mental Health Tribunal, member of the Technology Committee, Court member of the Hong Kong Baptist University, Council Member of the Open University of Hong Kong, Chairman of the Association on Harmful Algal Blooms in the South China Sea, HK Representative to the 7th National Council of the Chinese Society of Science & Technology, Council Member of the Chinese Environmental Science Society, Vice Chairman of the China Polar Museum Foundation, Supervisor of the Hong Kong Pui Ching Primary & Secondary Schools, President of Green Power, Council Chairman of the Macau Pui Ching Middle School.

Prof. K. C. Ho has a wide spectrum of research interests, including harmful algal blooms (red tides), marine ecology and environmental quality, water quality monitoring technology and strategy, water and sewage treatment, environmental management, environmental impact assessment, cross-border environmental policies, environmental ethics, environmental education, public participation of Non-governmental Organizations. With regard to polar research, Prof. Ho visited the Antarctica twice and the Arctic six times. His research interests in the polar region include: the global distribution and biogeography of harmful algae, the transformation mechanism of nutrients in the atmosphere-ocean interface and, the ecological significance of lichens in the coastal areas of polar region. During leisure time, Prof. Ho enjoys the research in Theological Ecology and poem writing.

Prof. Ho has published around 260 pieces of academic articles, including papers in international journals and conference proceedings, books, book chapters, technical reports for the government, distance-learning study units and CD-ROM. He is also very active in writing commentaries in newspapers and being interviewed by the mass media with authoritative and influential impacts to the policies of the Government.

Dr. Rebecca L. S. Lee

Honorary Advisor

Rebecca Lee has transformed herself from a professional graphic designer, painter, photographer and writer to a polar researcher in the last 30 years. She is now working closely with polar scientists in the Mainland to conduct continuous research on the environment. She is also responsible for publicizing the findings to other scientists in the world to identify ways to protect the environment.

Pursuit of innovation has resulted in her being recognized as the first Hong Kong woman explorer to reach the Arctic, Antarctic and Mount Everest. She has published more than 10 books on her own, organized educational exhibitions and produced TV documentaries about the world we live in.

Her personal integrity is seen in her courage, resilience, and survival in extreme conditions and adversity. She has been approached to the Arctic 10 times, Antarctica 7 times and 4 times to Mount Everest region. Her works shows a true love for the earth and mankind.

Rebecca has delivered hundreds of lectures to secondary school students, university undergraduates about her work, adventure and latest scientific findings on the environmental problems. Some over 500,000 students in Hong Kong, Macau and China have attended her talks. They are inspired to take a more serious attitude towards life and to conserve and protect the environment.

The community has benefited tremendously from her public education efforts. She is contributing significantly to the goal of environmental protection.

Dr. King Wong


Prior to joining ETF, Dr. Wong has overseen numerous civil and building related projects as keen consultant (Drainage and sewerage systems, cooling mains, A&A works, slope orders) for private sectors and as sub-consultant for government or authorize related projects (Water supplies, Flow studies, drainage catchments, railway, etc). Dr. Wong travels extensively to facilitate discussions among Chinese first tier cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tinjing, Guangzhou, Xian and Shengzheng.

Dr. Wong has a MSc. in Business Administration major in Safety Management. His doctor thesis titled “The Design of Water Leakage Control System for Hong Kong” raised approaches for leakage control and detection.

In 1998, Dr. Wong served as the Specialist Survey Team Leader and operator for Water Leakage Detection and Pipe/Cable Locator surveys for the Water Supplies Department of Hong Kong.

Since 2000, Dr. Wong has assumed leadership in numerous utility construction and maintenance projects. Currently, he is teaching on the undergraduate degree for utility professions in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is also a Secretary General of Hong Kong Utility Research Centre (HKURC).